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  • plateaus Mediterranean


    About the Mediterranean Region
    • Türkiye’s Mediterranean has been a population destination for visitors for a long time! Nowadays the visitors might be tourists attracted by its magnificent beaches and Turquoise Sea. Or visitors drawn by the myriad of possibilities to explore and for adventure.
    • In the past the visitors were kings and conquerors, pirates and marauders many of whom chose to stay and left their mark on the region by building cities and castles, ports and temples!
    • The Mediterranean Region is known as “Akdeniz” in Turkish. Bordered by the Aegean to the west, central Anatolia to the north and South-Eastern Anatolia to the east. This lush mountainous region that features the Taurus Mountains, has a semi-arid climate with dry summers and mild winters.
    • The Yayla's of Türkiye’s southern coastline high in the Taurus Mountains. Providing refuge from the intense summer heat and ample grazing for the domestic animals, these pastures and meadows are rich in a variety of vegetation and wildlife.


    The Finike-Ördübek Yayla lies at an altitude of 1100 m and is reached after 41 km of forest roads and 6 km of mountain road. Although the yayla has a wealth of flora, it lacks touristic infrastructure and visitors should bring their own equipment and provisions.

    The Serik-Nanalı and Ovacık Yaylas, north of Antalya, at 800-1000 m in altitude, can be reached by two different routes which both combine asphalt surfaces, dirt roads and trekking. There are no tourist facilities at the elevated pasture lands but those who accomplish the journey are well rewarded with a splendid view.

    The Antalya province also includes the Beşkonak, Selvenin Görde, Dereköy, Dönme, Üçoluk, Pisar and İbradı yaylas.


    The Mersin-Gözne Yayla, only 28 km from the provincial capital, has facilities which include a health clinic, electricity, water and shops, as well as lodging rooms.

    Similarly, the Mersin-Mihrican Yayla, which lies 50 km from Mersin provides the same full range of facilities.

    Fifty kilometres along the road from Mersin to Konya, at an altitude of 1500 m, the Mut-Sertavul Yayla boasts a complete touristic infrastructure.

    The Namrun (Çamlıyayla)- Sebil Yayla at an elevation of 1300 m offers electricity, water, shops and lodgings.

    Other yaylas include the Tarsus-Gölek, Mut-Kozlar, Mersin-Ayvagediği, Mersin-Bekiralanı, Kaş, Abanoz and Akpınar yaylas.


    The great agricultural plain surrounding Adana is the breadbasket of Türkiye, a fertile region heavily cultivated with fields, gardens and orchards. The intense summer heat, however, makes it essential for farmers with sheep, cattle and goats to move their herds to the higher elevations for cool temperatures and fresh grazings. Around 300 yaylas, of different sizes, dot the mountain plateau in the region of Adana, and here you can observe the traditional summer migration as well as escape from the heat of the Çukurova plain.

    A good paved road stretches all the way to the Tozan-Horzum Yayla, 22 km from the town of Kozan. Fast developments in construction have given this summer encampment a town-like aspect. It has electricity, telephone, and a health clinic as well as fully stocked shops.

    Only seven kilometres from Pozantı, the Pozantı-Tekir Yayla lies just off the E-90 highway making it very accessible to tourists. Organized bus excursions tour the area and most of the infrastructure necessary for tourism has been established. Projects are underway to develop the area for mountain sports; economic revitalization is also seen in the recently established wild goat farm.

    Both the Zorkun and Olukbaşı Yaylas lie in the area surrounding the town of Osmaniye. The Olukbaşı yayla is 16 km out of town and the Zorkun lies 26 km southeast, and any type of vehicle can provide the transportation. Both yaylas are equipped with electricity and a telephone service, and the Zorkun Yayla also houses a health clinic. Well-tended and abundant vegetable gardens provide a change of scene from the tranquil beauty of the surrounding forest and the numerous streams and natural springs.

    The Feke-Indere Yayla lies high in the mountains 59 km from the town of Feke at an elevation of 1500 m. A stabilized road leads you to the encampment which is provided with electricity, telephone and a health clinic.

    The 27 km journey from Karaisali on a mostly unpaved road takes you to the Karaisali-Kizildağ Yayla and the neighbouring Ardiçoluğu Yayla, plateaus of splendid natural beauty. Electricity and telephones are the modern conveniences available.

    Among the 300 yaylas in the province of Adana are the Aladağ-Ağçakise, Başpınar, Bici-Kosurga, Kadirli, Armutoğlu, Tufanbeyli, Körebeli, Obruk, Kozan-Çulluuşağı village, Saimbeyli-Çatak, Aladağ village and Meydan yaylas.


    An eight km asphalt road from the town of Belen brings you to the Güzel Yayla (Soğukoluk); four km farther is the Nergizlik Yayla. Facilities important for visitors include electricity, telephones and shops. Minibuses travel the paved road that stretches from Antakya to the Samandağı-Teknepinar Yayla where electricity, telephones and shops are available.

    The Dörtyol-Çökek Yayla lies only eight km from the coastal town of Dörtyol on the Gulf of Iskenderun. A stabilized road brings you to the summer retreat which is furnished with electricity, telephones and a water supply, as well as shops.

    Another stabilized road takes you to the Dörtyol-Topaktaş Yayla. 16 km from Dörtyol. This provides an excellent base for trekking excursions. Shops where one can buy provisions for such excursions, as well as the modern conveniences of electricity, telephone, and a water supply are available.